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Hello everyone I am a very young 50 plus, UK born and Bred, I am a semi retired outdoor pursuitsie type. who throughout my life have regularly visited the Netherlands cycling. I also worked in the Netherlands construction industry back when you had the Guilder before the Euro.
At this uncertain point in time, with the UK’s membership in the European union in the balance, I have decided I would like to become a Dutch citizen.
I have been looking for information on becoming a Dutch citizen. one way is to be a resident for 5 years, my question is does this require me to work ?  and does it require me to stay within the country for the entire duration of the 5 years, ( I love to travel and exerience different cultures …. I would like to make the Netherlands my home, but my home as always been my base.)

Any help with this or any other relevant information would be greatly appreciated/
PS Thanks site admin..

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    Hi and welcome to the Forum.

    I guess the keyword is residence; you need to have been resident in the Netherlands for 5 years in order to apply.  Residence doesn’t mean you can’t ever leave, but they expect you to live and work in the Netherlands, pay your taxes there, integrate into Dutch society, not just use it as a place to park your bike while you are away.

    If you have any further specific questions, please come back to us.

    Hope this helps ‘n groetjes

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