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    I have firsthand experience in the Netherlands, particularly in the IT field. As far as I know, I don’t think it is mandatory in all firms. It depends on the job requirements, firm or company type & the companies policy of hiring.

    Some companies would prefer local candidates more than foreigners due to the localized business model. Still, corporates and companies who are serving audiences across borders are open to candidates even without Dutch language proficiency as long as they have the needful skills required.

  1. Sajan Guhastav

    In my case, lack of proficiency in Dutch did affect my job hunt to an extent. However, I was able to land a good job after extending my job search to a bigger circle. My comment would be, Yes, there are companies who accept candidates without Dutch proficiency in Netherlands. However, we need to do some research & take help of platforms like STAFIDE to identify such roles.

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