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Hi all,
Am trying to find out on here if someone can give me some advice on the availability of work visas in the Netherlands for elderly care workers for my phillipina fiance whome I am trying to get over to the Netherlands.
Is there a shortage in this industry and is it possible to get a work Visa or even a sponsored Visa jobs available in the Netherlands.
Would greatly appreciate any advice anyone can give me many many thanks David.

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    There are 2 possibilities; one work-based, the other family-based.  For the work-based opportunity, it’s doable, but only if there are vacancies in the Netherlands that can’t be filled by somebody already resident there.  For the family-based opportunity, your information tells me you’re living in Belgium, so that would close that opportunity.

    The details of the requirements you need for the work-based opportunity are on the Dutch Government (IND) website; this link will take you there.

    Hope this helps.

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