Entrepreneurs in the Netherlands : how does the crisis impact your work


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Hello everyone,

As the world comes to a halt, we wanted to hear from the entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. While new challenges arise from the current context, we think this is a good time to share your story, especially if you are a business owner in the Netherlands.

How does the crisis impact you, financially, economically and personally? On the other hand, have you seen new business opportunities emerge?

Have you managed to set up a teleworking approach? If so, how was the transition?

Have you had to take difficult measures? Do you mind sharing them with us and tell us what you learnt from them?

Do you have any advice to give or practices that you have put in place that you would like to keep at the end of the crisis?

We thank you for your participation and wish you a good day :)

Stay safe,

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    Hello everyone, It may help you i found one this

    A small update on this topic with a list of financial help offered by the Dutch government for companies affected by the crisis: https://business.gov.nl/the-coronavirus … r-company/

    Take care.

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