I have a question regarding the visiting family and friends visa process.


My parents are planning to visit me and they have their appointment next week. I see on the checklist that a proof of sponsorship form is required. I have submitted a signed invitation letter and a BRP extract for accommodation.. I am only going to provide them accommodation and they are going to financially sponsor themselves on their own. As I am currently India, I can’t get this proof of accommodation form signed by the Gemeente in person.. can someone please let me know if my parents can apply without this form? Is their a possibility that a friend of mine can get this form signed from the Gemeente? Or if I can apply online/or via email? I am registered in Delft.

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  1. Gopika Akkineni

    If getting the letter from gemeente is not possible (in time), a signed invitation letter would suffice.

  2. Drishya mohan

    I don’t think there is a proof of accommodation form from gemeente.

    There is only invitation form signed and send for their appointment. In that form, if you had filled sections of their accommodation,

    That you’ll take care and provide your Dutch address. That itself is fine, you don’t need separate accommodation proof


    I do not think so you need to submit gemeente, A signed invitation from your side will be sufficient.

  3. Sneha Kulkarni

    You may need to only submit an invitation to them signed by you.

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