where to rent??!!?


Myself and my friends are looking to rent in the Netherlands.

any tips on where to look or where would be best to go for 6 months?

any towns to look into in the surrounding area that is affordable and nice.

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    Hi and welcome back,

    Holland isn’t that big, on a good day you can drive across it in just over a couple of hours.  If you want somewhere to start, then I’d use something like that Pararius website link (it has a distance filter built into it) I gave you previously, then start with Utrecht (it’s in the middle of Holland), then work your way out until you find somewhere you like and can afford, then use Google Maps to look at the area, then check it out for real once you get here.

    6 – months only – I think you’ll struggle with; most ask for a minimum 12-months contract and a deposit up front.  But who knows, as they say in Holland, you have no, you may get yes; all you can do is ask the landlord when you see a place you like.

    Hope this helps.

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