Headache with Birth Certificate


Hi all,

I am about to relocate to the Netherlands for work as a Highly Skilled Migrant but I’m facing a big headache with my birth certificate.

I was born in China but have been a NZ citizen since I was 14 (I’m 30 now), so I have a NZ passport.

The company in charge in immigration is telling me that I must have my birth certificate legalized by the Chinese Foreign Affairs (in China), and then have it apostilled by the Dutch Embassy in China. This is a major headache for me. I have not been back to China for almost 20 years and legally I have really nothing to do with China.

I can have my birth certificate notarized in NZ and legalized by the Chinese Embassy in NZ, but I’m not sure if this will be acceptable. Then there is still the step of having it apostilled.

Does anyone have any ideas? Surely it cannot be this difficult! I’m certain I’m not the only person of Asian decent with a NZ (or AUS, US) passport working in the EU. Did everybody from my background have to go through the same headache?

Would appreciate some advice as it’s stressing me out right now!

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