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  1. Ahmed Hassan


    All of the above doesn’t leave much time for fun. To keep my sanity, I squeeze every bit of free time out of life to ensure that I’m not missing out on opportunities. Of course spending time with my family is fun, but for the sake of separation I’ll be excluding that time from this section (I feel I did the Family section justice). As part of my free time at home I enjoy building side projects. I love creating beautiful web applications that could benefit the lives of others. My passion is creating things for others through programming. I love the feeling I get when someone enjoys something I’ve made. I can’t get enough of it. I’ve started hundreds of side projects, “finished” a few (is a project ever really finished?) and am working on a promising one right now. I love it and can’t get enough, but I pace myself so that I don’t squander precious time with my family.

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  2. Fouad Badawy

    I’m going to answer this question from an Undergrad student in the Netherlands. The problems faced during your Masters or MBA may be different.
    1. For an Average Indian, studying abroad is expensive. Netherlands is cheaper when you compare it with the UK, Canada, and US. But, you may still feel the pressure at times.
    2. Language Barrier after the duration: the Netherlands is a very diverse nation and due to its proximity with Uk. Almost everyone can speak and understand English perfectly. But, when you start searching for jobs. Dutch becomes compulsory in the majority of the jobs. Mostly, IT people can get away with English.
    3. You will meet a lot of European in your UNI, but don’t expect too much. Once, you leave the classroom, they won’t mix up that easily. This can change, if you put an effort yourself, you may be able to break the barrier. Especially, in your Bachelors, it gets harder with age.
    4. Sometime you may miss your family and friends and you regret your decision. You will face a lot of challenges, you will be pushing your boundaries all the time. These situations will prepare you for a better future. But, you will regret your decision and feel depressed in your early days. Sometimes, the culture shock hits you hard when you are alone, in a foreign land.
    5. Food – Dutch food is famous for not being good Haha! Just learn how to cook and you will be fine. Everything is available in supermarkets. Eating out is expensive anyway, there is no way you can do that all the time.
    6. Temperatures- Can be cold at winters! It’s not like in Canada, but it still gets cold for an Indian person.

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