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  1. El-Demouhi

    Netherlands, has a majority of Indians, but it also has many, I mean a lot people from Asia (Indonesia, Vietnam…). No doubt majority of Indians, work either in Technology domain with subdomains Automative, Industry, on..
    There were some points which struck me, and blew my bubble:
    • They have no idea, who is the leader in India. I was surprised, as we Indians, think that our Leader, is touring the world, and people know him globally.
    • They also question, about our Leader and his Educational Qualifications, as people here really value Educational contributions. Manmohan Singh, is famous here, because of Scholarship named after him.
    • They know Indians, cook spicy food, and even complain the irritating smell of curries (I even ask them what makes them like Chinese and how they see our chilly, spicy food as a bit complaining)
    • Most of them, ask me “where is that mark on your head?”, they refer to tika mark, which people from South India have on their forhead. Infact they expected me to be a bit pale in skin color, and confuse me with other nations identity. I take huge pride in telling them the diveristy we Indians have, and even told them you cannot predict someone from Assam, Sikkim.., coming here and loking an Indian.
    • Indians, are considered intelligent, but not out of the box, as people here are pretty intelligent too, when it comes to skills.
    • Racism, is everywhere in the world, so there are always some exceptions even in the bestest of countries. (I hope you understand)
    Overall, I can say, only Indians treat each other differently (by rarely smiling when see each other walking in a different nation, very few smile, and even interact), but here people treat us like every other nation’s immigrant. No difference or special/proviledged treatment.
    Please smile and interact with elders, when you recognize them from India. It really makes them happy, if not, you paid respect and move on.

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