What are the documents required for a Netherlands visa?


I want to travel to Netherlands on work basis.

Answer ( 1 )


    ·         A completed and signed Netherlands visa application form.

    ·         Passport pictures.

    ·         A copy of your passport’s personal details page.

    ·         Work permit. If required/applicable.

    ·         Proof of sufficient financial means. The visitor must prove that they can provide at least €34 per person per day for each day of their stay in the Netherlands.

    ·         Copies of any previous passports’ personal details pages.

    ·         Copies of any previous visas along with all entry/exit stamps.

    ·         Evidence of legal residence.

    ·         A document from your employer which details your job, your salary, and the duration and purpose of your visit.

    ·         Complete Travel itinerary.

    ·         Proof you will return to your country after your visit.

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