Salary for Indian family of 4 ( move from Sing to Amst)



I moved to Netherlands with my 6 month old baby, in terms of salary i dont know how much is enough for you but i will tell you my experience, i pay 1/3 of my salary as rent, 200 for utilities, 200 for insurance and 300 monthly expenses. Most of the saving is dependent on how much rent u pay. Also for you, you need to pay school fees which depend on if you put your child in international school or dutch school (its free but dutch is mandatory). Check the fees for international schools.

Use to find the actual income you would get for given package (it includes holiday allowance so remove that from ur package)

E.g if your package is 60000 with holiday allowance included then subtract 8% of 60000 and that would be the value u put as income in above website.

Also count for the cloths you need to buy to survive the cold and cloudy winters.

All the best!

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