Public primary school suggestions


Hi everyone,

Good day! We will be moving to utrecht, the Netherlands this coming July for 2 years. Currently I’m looking for school for my 6 year old kid ( born in June 2012). He probably will be in group 3 or 4 when we move there.

We speak English but don’t speak Dutch at this moment. However we hope to enroll him in public school. May I know if public school in utrecht learn or speak English? Kindly suggest us some primary schools.

As my husband will be working at Princess Máxima Center which at  Lundlaan 6. We plan to stay somewhere nearby the town area and not too far from the hospital. At this moment We are looking to stay around Wilhelmina Park. Can anyone suggest other locations that is children friendly and safe to stay?

Look forward to any suggestions as I have completely no idea about school and location in utrecht.

Thank you in advance.

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