Needing help for school research


Hi everyone,
I am a freshman student. I am looking for ziggo customers. If possible, I am asking some help to answer a short survey. This is part of a research project. I would greatly appreciate if you are able to participate. It will be much appreciated!

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    Hi and welcome to the Forum.

    A couple of points:

    As a new member, any links you post will be hidden until you have made 10 posts to the Forum.  If you want people to contact you at this stage, then it’s best to ask them to use the Direct Message function.

    I suspect you won’t get much help; the Forum is more typically frequented by people who are trying to find a way to another country.  Very few (if any) bother coming back once they have made it, which is the time when they would have made their mobile phone contract.  I suspect very few people outside the Netherlands actually know who/what Ziggo is or does.

    Hope you do get some responses and that this has helped in some way.

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