Is there anyone who has actually retired here in the NL and is living on his pension?


I see a significant contribution in my salary slips towards the pension funds per month, which obviously don’t contribute to NETTO. Given the situation that most of us are ex-pats or even integrated might have a situation in future where we live outside NL or EU.

So, Is it possible to enjoy the returns for the pension anywhere else (like India) or what’s the point of it isn’t it better to renegotiate the employer’s contribution towards a higher Netto now rather than building up a future inaccessible fund?

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  1. Ranveer patil

    Pension is pretty much a lost cause…every year they keep increasing pension age (will come up with a random report to substantiate) and probably will make it close to 70. unless we follow a very healthy lifestyle, hard to enjoy that pension.

  2. Rachana Fernandez

    Pensions here can also be one of the government moneymaking schemes. One needs to compare this with other EU countries to decide if its right or something needs to change there, like box 3 taxes….

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