I have some queries


1. Can my wife on dependent visa – allowed to work only with her dependent visa?
2. I have completed my MS in real estate development from Uni. Of Greenwich, London; and working as a project engineer in one construction company in India. So can I get job in construction firm? Or what job I can get?
3. What is legalization of marriage certificate. My city’s DM just don’t understanding what I want!

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  1. Sushil

    1. I know many PhD students with their (working and non-working) wife here.
    2. Yes – when you come on Knowledge-Migrant visa
    3. No idea. Best is to check in a suitable facebook group
    4. It is a standard procedure in India. Contact VFS – the agency that handles NL visa processing in India. I understand they assist in legalization.
    5. Language is a bigger barrier. But I know several Indians that have mingled very well. IMO it depends on your personality than theirs!

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