I have a question related to the tourist visa rejection for one of my relatives. I invited my brother-in-law’s family to the Netherlands for tourism who is doing business. They applied for a visa in India and it was rejected now with the reason that, they have doubts about them returning to India after the visa expiry. Does anyone face this issue before and what are the next steps? It was told I can contest on their behalf but I am not sure about the timelines and process.


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  1. kishoreraj

    Visa processing is a mess post pandemic. They are rejecting applications without even properly scrutinizing and at the slightest ever doubt. Embassy is claiming very high workload because of backlog of last 2+years but it looks like just another excuse. My daughter’s application was rejected and when I filed for appeal against the decision, they replied after 3.5 months that it was in error. They advised us to resubmit the application and assured of getting visa. It has been more than 2 months that they have not returned her passport and not giving any reason for these horrible delays.

    Options for you are to file an objection online or submit new application with even more care. It is also helpful to engage an agent who has experience handling rejected cases successfully.


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