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Hi Friends,

I am from India.I am coming Netherlands in December,2019 under spouse visa.I have started learning dutch basics from an online course.I want to grow myself up to a level like step-1)I can understand the dutch speakers and Step-2)I could be able to reply back in dutch.
So what process should I follow.Or else suggest any budget permit Institution,where I can learn dutch and able to upgrade my dutch speaking level.

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  1. Hi and welcome to the Forum.

    You’ve started the right way; start with the basics, then once you have those mastered you can move on.  Most non-native speakers find that it’s their native tongue accents that make them difficult to understand when they speak in another language.  The only real way to improve on that is to speak the language, talk to yourself in Dutch, but not only yourself, talk to your family, your pets, your plants; you’re trying to sound more like a Dutch person and less like an Indian.

    There is an online resource called “Naar Nederland” which is an online-based Dutch language course; the official course has to be paid for, but some kind person has put older versions on YouTube, so my advice is to check out YouTube first and see how you get on.

    Hope this helps.

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