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I don’t think anyone in the whole world ever had a bad experience as mine when it comes to short stay visa to the Netherlands,  I had applied for belgium got refused then the Netherlands got refused , appeal for the application , forget about it , apply again , refused because there’s an appeal of the first application, the appeal has taken them 7 months to come up with the final decision ,i was submitted on 23rd march ,and now they had sent me a letter of the final decision on 18th of october after i had submitted a default notice that forced the IND to make the decision , otherwise they’ll pay for the penalty, still haven’t received the appeal letter, keep in mind that every application was with complete set of all the necessary documwnts you could think of, my bank account had 5000$ in it ,work confirmation….. you name it,one time i called the IND demanding my right to know the contact number of my case manager , the employee say”well please try again later byeeeeee”,tooot,tooot,tooot,it is a nightmare,I’ve also asked the IND to provide me with the final decision of the appeal by phone , to which they replied they can’t ,i can’t think of a reason to justify sutch treatment to a guy like me, I always ask politely,paying over and over the fees to those applications without any results is very cruel,the dutch representative office here in palestine doesn’t even answer when calling on their official phone number.

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    Hi and welcome to the Forum.

    If you’ve been turned away by both Belgium and the Netherlands, it suggests to me that there is something not quite right.  The only reason they would not have told you why is if there is something in your background that makes both countries decide to turn you away without appeal (for example criminality); many countries require at least 12 months after a crime is deemed as spent before they will even consider an application to reside there.

    If that is not relevant and you have appealed in either country, then they must have told you why because it’s the basis of your appeal.

    If you are determined then perhaps you need to speak to a lawyer.

    Hope this helps.

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