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  1. El-Demouhi

    There is a considerable difference in chances for Indians living Netherlands vs Indians living in India presently on the chances of getting a job. That being said I know many people who have succeeded in both the journeys. All depends on how lady luck is smiling on you.
    • For Indians living in Netherlands already-
    Make a really good CV and cover letter. You must adjust the CV to each application. Read through the job description and try to guess what the job demands.
    Try to learn dutch. It takes a long time though.
    The rejections would be high but you’ll get the odd interview calls, there kill it with you charm.
    Go to various event fairs, recruitment agencies etc. They are helpful.
    Plus there are lots of other things which you’ll learn only when you are into the process. Remember finding a job is a job itself here. You need dedication and effort.
    • For Indians living in India –
    Find a way to come to Netherlands. IT services companies are good options.
    Go to the gym, beef up, add your good looks and charm and then find a dutch partner, 🙂
    So after you come here, go to the step For Indians living in Netherlands already.
    Still if you can’t come here –
    If you are highly skilled in some rare things which is difficult to find, look through linkedin and various job sites and they might just be looking for you, who nows!!! I know people who got directly employed from India.
    Keep persevering!!!

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