Are Indians able to get engineering jobs in Netherlands?


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    I don’t know if there’s really any work in statistics in particular. I’m tempted to say there is, just because it can be a very difficult subject, and most people (even higher educated folks) don’t really understand them. I do know that IT professionals are in big demand around here, so if your field of study gives you any knowledge about that, job opportunities might not be too bad. No guarantees, though.
    I don’t think racism would be too much of an issue to an Indian person. First of all, higher educated people typically are rather open-minded, and not too prejudiced. They’ll also have seen quite a few foreigners before.
    Of course, our culture can have its downsides. We are notoriously bad at making new friends. I wouldn’t say that the Dutch are closed, but we definitely are pretty reserved. I think the Dutch are open to making new friends, but we just suck at doing it. And while that is our problem, it’s something you will have to deal with. We’re also very honest and to the point. This can seem abrupt or even blunt and rude. To us, it’s just very efficient. If we tell you you’re doing something wrong, it may sting a little, but we usually mean it well. We just think it’s wrong, and thus may want to correct you, for the betterment of everyone (you included).

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