Eight more Dutch eateries receive Michelin’s Bib Gourmand recognition.


The renowned Bib Gourmand award was granted to eight additional Dutch restaurants. Two restaurants are available in Amsterdam, and there is also one in each of Hattem, Hoorn, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Veeningen, and Zwolle. In two weeks, the restaurants will formally receive their Bib Gourmand honors at a ceremony when the guide will also bestow its coveted Michelin Star. Really excited to see these restaurants getting recognized.

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    One of the Bib Gourmand newbies was Rotonde in Rotterdam, which has only been operating for two years. Their chefs received great appreciation for their “sustainable vision” that “is translated into plates full of creativity and surprise.” It is the only eatery on this year’s list of newbies to offer an entirely vegetarian cuisine. With a mission statement that emphasizes providing adequate food for everyone without causing animal suffering, the restaurant itself promises openness in the methods used to cultivate and get its supplies.

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