What does Cisco’s ACI mean? What are its benefits to cloud network?


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  1. Saravanan Kumar

    Hey, Answering your question  

    (ACI) Application-centric infrastructure is a network fabric with hundreds of switches built for spontaneous communication. ACI enables the creation of scalable multi-cloud networks by employing a consistent policy model. This empowers organizations to seamlessly migrate applications to any location or cloud while upholding strict security measures and ensuring high availability. 

     To know more, read: https://www.sisar.nl/blog/unleashing-the-power-of-application-centric-infrastructure-aci-sd-wan-a-gateway-to-unparalleled-business-benefits 

      The Blog talks about ACI, its benefits, and SD-WAN.  

  2. It is a software-defined networking solution offered by Cisco that aims to simplify network management and improve data center efficiency.

    Thank you for sharing this fascinating blog with us. It was really helpful.

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