What are the benefits of moving to the Netherlands from India? 


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  1. Prabhu Kumar

    Moving to the Netherlands from India offers high quality of life, a strong economy, excellent education, a multicultural environment, efficient public transport, European travel access, work-life balance, social security, and English proficiency. 

    1. Netherlands is known for an exceptionally well work-life balance
    2. Has a warm and inclusive culture that is welcoming for immigrants.
    3. Many people speak english so Indians can survive easily.
    4. The Netherlands has high quality education that is suitable for everyone across the globe.

    These are some points that might help you.

  2. Arpita S

    Relocating to the Netherlands from India provides a higher standard of living, excellent healthcare, and diverse job opportunities. With a strong focus on work-life balance and a well-connected public transport system, it offers a comfortable and enriching experience. However, adapting to cultural differences and learning the local language may be essential for a successful transition.

    Also, Indians living in the Netherlands can find groceries commonly used in Indian cuisine. While the variety of Indian groceries might not be as extensive as in India, several options are available in major cities with a significant Indian expatriate population. Indian grocery stores, specialty shops, and even sections in larger supermarkets often offer a selection of spices, lentils, rice, ready-to-cook meals, and other essential ingredients used in Indian cooking. So, it is easy for you to cook.


    Quality of Life: The Netherlands provides a high quality of life with clean air, water, and excellent waste management. The abundance of green spaces adds to the pleasant environment.

    Infrastructure: The country boasts top-notch infrastructure with well-maintained roads, reliable public transport, and stable utilities.

    People: While breaking into Dutch society may require effort, there is a welcoming expat community for support and connection.

    Overall, the Netherlands offers a great living experience with its modern amenities and high standards of living.

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