So where can you get quick help if you think you have the Coronavirus?


Hello, me again with my anxiety.

Now that the Coronavirus cases in NL are rapidly climbing, they are not even testing highly suspect cases anymore, i.e. relatives of infected patients.

Government’s advice is to only call your GP if your symptom worsen, but problems are:

– GP office are extremely busy, they can’t return calls for hours or even the same day sometimes
– GP is closed on weekends
– GP doesn’t want to see you in person due to Coronavirus concerns
– You cannot get treated or tested at the hospital (for anything) without a referral from the GP

So, let’s say someone wakes up in the middle of the night with a very high fever and is struggling to breath, where can he/she get quick help from? Regardless whether this person has been in contact with an infected person or in a high-risk area.

It’s still more likely that this person does NOT have the Coronavirus. In that case, how can this person get quick hospital treatment if the hospital won’t see the patient due to Coronavirus fears?

It’s seems like a dead-end wherever you turn. If there was no Coronavirus, then I’m sure they won’t hesitate to see you with a fever or difficulty breathing.

I’m just anxious now because if it happens I wouldn’t even know who to talk to. My GP office usually takes hours to call back.

Thanks for any advice.

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    Hi again,

    The latest advice in the Netherlands is that if your temperature is over 38 degrees celsius, you should contact your GP or municipal health service (GGD); you haven’t said where you live, but this map (link) contains the locations and contact information for all of them.

    There is no cure for Coronavirus, you can only treat the symptoms, so drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and treat the high temperature (take some paracetamol).

    Hope this helps.

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