New landlord requesting BRP but unregistered at last address



So I am having a dilemma and would appreciate any advice. I have lived in Amsterdam for 3 years and registered when I arrived however when I moved into a new apartment with my girlfriend the landlord (originally said registration no problem) then said I could not register. Due to how hard it is to find a new place I stayed in the apartment unregistered for 2 years (I know this was a bad choice but at the time it felt like the only option due to my work contract type).

Now me and my girlfriend found a nice new apartment and have signed the contract, transferred deposit etc and are due to move in on Monday. However the landlord is now asking us to provide proof of registration from our last address. My girlfriend has this but if I go to the gementee and request the BRP statement I am worried they either won’t provide it as I could have been deregistered or will provide it and it shows I was not registered at the previous address.

My question is – can the landlord (housing agency) refuse to sign without this document / if I wasn’t registered at my old address. Given that we will already be living in the apartment?

Thanks for any help/advice. I am very concerned and frustrated as I was looking forward to finally being registered properly.

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    Hi and welcome to the Forum.

    It’s time to go speak to the Gemeente and tell them what’s happened.  There’s no point trying to hide this because ultimately, you’ll be found out and then be in trouble for trying to hide it.

    Hope this helps.

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