In the Netherlands, which days are officially designated as public holidays?


How do these holidays play a vital role in the country’s cultural fabric, fostering a sense of shared identity, providing leisure time for individuals and families, and honoring significant historical events and traditions? Additionally, how do these public holidays contribute to the overall well-being and work-life balance of the Dutch population while also showcasing the nation’s diverse heritage and allowing for both personal and collective celebrations?

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  1. Shreyas shtetty

    In the Netherlands, the official public holidays observed throughout the year include:

    1. New Year’s Day (Nieuwjaarsdag) – January 1st
    2. Good Friday (Goede vrijdag) – the Friday before Easter Sunday
    3. Easter Sunday (Eerste paasdag) and Easter Monday (Tweede paasdag) – the Sunday and Monday following Good Friday
    4. King’s Day (Koningsdag) – April 27th, or April 26th if the 27th falls on a Sunday
    5. Liberation Day (Bevrijdingsdag) – May 5th, celebrated every five years as a national holiday
    6. Ascension Day (Hemelvaartsdag) – 40 days after Easter Sunday, always on a Thursday
    7. Whit Sunday (Eerste pinksterdag) and Whit Monday (Tweede pinksterdag) – the Sunday and Monday following the seventh Sunday after Easter
    8. Christmas Day (Eerste kerstdag) and Boxing Day (Tweede kerstdag) – December 25th and 26th

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