I am new to the Netherlands and adapting to the rules and regulations has been pretty tedious for me.


My question is mainly focused on the driving license. What happens if I don’t pay my traffic fines? How different is it from the Indian jurisdiction?

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  1. Saravanan Kumar
    If fines remain unpaid after reminders, the CJIB may take the following actions: license block
    for unpaid traffic fines, money withdrawal up to 500 euros per instance, debt collection with
    additional costs, driving license suspension for four weeks, vehicle decommissioning through
    police involvement, and as a last resort, a maximum of seven days of imprisonment with
    prior notification.
    Indian and Dutch traffic fines differ in terms of penalty structure, enforcement methods,
    administrative procedures, legal disputes, and penalty amounts. India typically involves on-
    the-spot fines or legal proceedings, while the Netherlands employs measures like license
    blocks, money withdrawals, debt collection, license suspension, vehicle decommissioning,
    and even imprisonment. Each country has its regulations and processes, so it’s important to
    refer to specific traffic laws for accurate information.

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