I am new to netherlands, please explain me what is the BSN / Sofi number?


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  1. Ramesh Komal

    A BSN (burgerservicenummer) is the citizen service number, a unique registration number for everyone who lives in the Netherlands.
    The BSN will facilitate any interaction with the Dutch authorities: starting a job, opening a bank account, deducting your taxes and social security contributions, using the healthcare system, applying for benefits, announcing a change of address etc. It is also used to combat identity fraud and misspelled names.
    The Sofi number (sofinummer) was the previous name for the social security number, issued by the Dutch Tax Office (Belastingdienst). From November 2007, those with Sofi numbers had them automatically converted into a BSN, and in January 2014, the Belastingdienst ceased issuing Sofi numbers.

    Note that a BSN does not automatically allow expats to work in the Netherlands. Depending on their country of origin, they may need to apply for a work permit.

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