I am from India and I am moving to the Netherlands in two weeks. I am planning to learn dutch as it might help me locally. Is Dutch hard to learn?


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  1. Prabhu Kumar

    As an English speaker, learning Dutch can be challenging due to its different grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. However, many people find Dutch to be a manageable language to learn. Here are a few factors to consider:

    Similarities with English: English and Dutch share some similarities, especially in terms of vocabulary. Pronunciation: Dutch pronunciation can be a bit tricky, as it includes unique sounds and diphthongs. Grammar: Dutch grammar has its own rules and structures that may differ from English. Verb conjugations, word order, and noun genders can be challenging at first. However, with consistent practice and study, you can gradually become comfortable with these aspects.

    Remember that learning any new language requires time, dedication, and consistent effort. With the right mindset and resources, you can significantly progress in learning Dutch and enhance your experience living in the Netherlands.

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