How has women’s participation in the Netherlands evolved, considering law changes, the pay gap, and educational opportunities?


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  1. Emma Sophie

    Women in the Netherlands increasingly work, with 7 in 10 having jobs. Past laws required married women to seek their husband’s permission to work until 1956 and banned them from civil service jobs until 1957. Despite a remaining pay gap, young women in their 20s now earn 5% to 15% more than male colleagues and are more likely to pursue further education. 

  2. Madhumitha Suresh

    The Netherlands has seen progress in women’s participation due to law changes promoting gender equality in areas like employment and education.

    While the gender pay gap has narrowed, it still exists, with efforts to address disparities ongoing. Women’s presence in higher education has increased, leading to greater representation in traditionally male-dominated fields.

    However, challenges persist, and continuous efforts are needed to achieve gender equality.

  3. Sushma Kamath

    Women’s participation not just in the Netherlands but throughout the world has evolved but that does not mean they are equal and get all the living rights.  Equality is not a measurement so until every woman gets the privilege to study and live accordingly without our society questioning the change prolongs.

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