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Hello everyone,
I hope you can help me with some advice. My partner and I arrived in Rotterdam in early March and took a house where the housing permit is needed.

When we went to the municipality we made the registration for non-residents as the university had not yet confirmed the registration for the courses. The municipality employee told us that within 4 months we would be able to go to the municipality to confirm our residence.

For a few days we have had the confirmation of enrollment in the courses and we would like to go and register the rental contract. My question is inherent to this, the contract starts from March 1, can this be a problem for the municipality? risk some fine?

Thanks everyone for the advice!

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    Hi and welcome to the Forum.

    You have already done what the law requires you to do, i.e. contact the Gemeente to register; many people wait weeks/months just to get an appointment, so I wouldn’t worry about it.  If you explain the circumstances, I suspect it won’t be a problem, just be honest and open with the guys in the Gemeente.

    Hope this helps.

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