Hi, I am planning to relocate to the Netherlands. I am originally from India. I have 6 years of work experience. What are the things I have to know about moving to the new country?


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    Hello, I recently relocated from Malaysia to the Netherlands. I was very anxious about moving to a new country with no friends and relatives. However, I was excited about the new beginnings and embracing change. Here are a few essential tips that might help.

    • For accommodation, there are Facebook groups like The Netherlands for Rent Apartments. The Netherlands for Rent Apartments. Pararius and Funda can be used for house hunting. Tenanthub is helpful for sharing
    • International roaming on the original SIM card is helpful for the first few days. The airport has free sim cards, which can be purchased once landed.
    • Anonymous OV-chipkaart can be purchased from the OV chipkaart counters available at the city stations. After a bank account opening, one can set up and apply for a Personal card.
    • Amsterdam is bike-friendly; getting monthly subscription-based cycles from A6 Fiets or Swapfiets is an option.
    • Another mandatory cost of medical care is Dutch health insurance. You can compare different plans on Independent based on your needs.

    Hope these tips were helpful. Have a successful journey.

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