Hi, I am new to the Netherlands and would like to know about Netherlands’ festivals and culture. My primary question is, why is Kings Day celebrated in the Netherlands? How is it celebrated in Amsterdam?


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  1. Sushma Kamath

    Hello, King’s Day (Koningsdag) is a significant event in the Netherlands that captures the entire nation’s attention. Regardless of the specific location within the country, one can be confident that on April 27th every year, vibrant signs of King’s Day festivities will be visible throughout. 

     An intriguing cultural highlight of King’s Day in Amsterdam is the widespread participation of people cruising the canals on boats, making the waterways the focal point of the celebrations. The Amsterdam vrijmarkt, a unique tradition where individuals can set up stalls to sell their goods, commences as early as 6 am. Notable areas worth exploring during King’s Day include the Pijp, Beethovenstraat, Olympic Stadium, Amstelveld, Noordermarkt, Westerpark, the Jordaan, and the DSM Vrijhaven. 


    King’s Day is celebrated in the Netherlands to honor the monarch’s birthday and show appreciation for the Dutch royal family.


    On King’s Day, the Netherlands has outdoor activities, including street markets, concerts, and parties.
    People gather in the streets, parks, and canals to sell second-hand items, enjoy live music performances, and celebrate together.

    It is celebrated in the Netherlands as a national holiday to foster a sense of community and celebrate Dutch culture and heritage.

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