Hello everyone, My family of three will be relocating to the Netherlands by the end of August.


We are currently facing challenges in securing a job for my wife before our move, as this would help in reducing the tax burden and qualify for the 30% tax ruling for the first five years.I kindly request support from the group members if you have any leads or know of any sources, apart from LinkedIn, where we can connect for potential job opportunities. If you have heard of any requirements in your peer group or the company you currently work for that align with my wife’s profile, it would be greatly appreciated.Profile: CybeArk Architect, with over eight years of experience.Thank you very much for any assistance you can provide.

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  1. Hey, hope you and your family are good. I can suggest you a talent recruiting consultancy called
    Stafide. They are the best talent-sourcing consultants in the Netherlands. Apart from that,
    https://chat.whatsapp.com/GBee1pTyUP5EVp5CSNnTD3, you can join this group. This is
    how I landed to the Netherlands as an EV tester.
    Hope this helped you. Wishing you luck.

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