Give me a clarity on health insurance for Netherlands?


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    Basic health insurance in the Netherlands (basisverzekering)
    The basic package in the Netherlands is compulsory and provides the same basic health coverage across all insurers, as it is set by the government.
    Basic health insurance costs around 100 euros per month and covers things such as:
    • Appointments with your doctor (huisarts)
    • Stays at the hospital, surgery and emergency treatment (ziekenhuis)
    • Ambulance services and patient transport (ambulancevervoer)
    • Medicine prescriptions (medicijnen)
    • Blood tests (bloedonderzoek)
    • Dental care for children under 18 years (tandarts)
    • Limited dental care for adults over 18, restricted to dental surgery, dental x-rays
    • Mental health care (geestelijke gezondheidszorg)
    • Appointments with medical specialists such as dermatologists, allergists or internal specialists (medisch specialist)
    • Pregnancy, birth care and midwifery services (zwangerschaps- en geboortezorg)
    • Maternity care (kraamzorg)
    • Handicapped care (gehandicaptenzorg)
    • Aged care (ouderenzorg)
    • Nursing on location (wijkverpleging)
    • Some therapeutic services such as speech therapy, occupational therapy and diet advice
    • Physiotherapy (fysiotherapie) for chronic disorders, covered from the 21st treatment onwards
    Basic insurance and eigen risico
    It is important to note that for most of the above services you will need to cover a portion of the costs via your annual eigen risico amount (up to a maximum of 385 euros).
    Services which do not require an eigen risico contribution include:
    • Appointments with your doctor
    • Dental health care and physiotherapy for children up to 18 years
    • Pregnancy, birth care and midwifery services
    • Maternity care (kraamzorg), however you need to pay a separate hourly rate
    An up-to-date overview of basic insurance coverage can be found on the Dutch government website

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