Dog Friendly apartments in Rotterdam


Hi!  Does anyone have a good website to find dog friendly apartments or family living for rent in Rotterdam?  The websites that I’m finding aren’t listing if the apartments are dog friendly or not.  I’m happy to work with a real estate agent (am not having luck with responsiveness via email yet), we’ll be visiting in March to look at apartments.

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Vignesh VIki 2 years 1 Answer 1034 views 0

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  1. Most of the apartment letting websites I’ve seen don’t have a feature specifically for pets.  My experience has been pretty mixed, some will accept dogs, others not and it can get very frustrating.

    You said previously that you were coming over as skilled-workers, so I assume you have jobs to come to; I’d try asking your new employers HR people for some contacts and get them to mention the pet aspect, save you wasting your time looking at apartments that won’t allow them.

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